Korčula town is located in the eastern part of the island with the same name. Each year, it attracts thousands of tourists from different parts of the world who wish to learn about the history, culture, and tradition of this medieval Adriatic gem. Rich in numerous historic sites, the Old Town speaks of its wide past of the region, and it is a true museum in the open space. Whilst strolling down the street, we will see many churches, amongst which a distinctive St. Mark’s Cathedral with its magnificent bell tower proudly hovering over the old Town is seen looking out just in case any aggressor approached the town. The monumental fortresses, which is to surround the peninsular, speak of Korčula’s defensive nature. The most interesting thing is that Korčula is Marco Polo’s hometown, a well-known medieval traveller, who had undergone one of the most renowned trips to China. During the walk, we will admire this picturesque town, which is also called Dubrovnik’s miniature. We will also visit Marco Polo’s family home and will admire the scenic view of the town from the water.

On the way back to the hotel, we will drop into one of the vineyards on Peljesac peninsula. The grapevine cultivation tradition on the peninsula has been long-standing and it originates from the Ancient times. Going through Peljesac, we will see numerous vineyards, including the ones that cultivate the red grape of Plavacmalitype, from which one of the best Dingač Croatian red wine is made. In 1964, Dingač was awarded an international quality certification in Geneva, and it also holds the national geographical designation certificate. During our visit to the vineyard, we will learn about the winemaking history tradition on the peninsula as well as finding out about the method of grapevine cultivation and winemaking. Following the presentation, we will enjoy their wine tasting experience.

The programme includes:

– A boat trip from Orebić to Korčula and from Korčula to Orebić.
– Visit to the town with a local guide.
– Entry ticket to Marco Polo’s museum.
– A visit to the vineyard.
– Tasting experience; wine, cheese, Dalmatian prosciutto, bread.

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