Istria has beautiful landscapes, rich history, and important historic sites. In the last years, the region hasalso become a must-go place for connoisseurs. Local wines, high-quality olives, or cheese is a distinctive mark of the peninsula.

During our trip, we will learn about the history of cheese and the manufacturing method. This means that the cattle are grazing on sunny green pastures, in an uncontaminated environment, free air and within close vicinity of the sea; the milk products made here are of the highest quality. They have a distinctive and original taste, so typical of this climate. The cheese taste is dependent on natural processes that take place on pastures when seasons change.

One of the local delicacies is skuta, a soft cheese made from whey, which forms after the basic cheese is cultured. Skuta is very healthy, tasty, aromatic, and delicate. It contains less fat than regular cheese, and it is not high in calories. Another Istrian delicacy is the cheese with added truffles. Truffle is the mushroom that grows underground with an intriguing taste and smell, but not necessarily great looking. This precious mushroom grows in the heart of the peninsula, hidden in the grey and moist soil. Specially trained dogs are used to search for truffles. Only a tiny amount of truffles added to the dish are able to transform the dish into fine dining. This is where in Istria, the delicacy conquered the hearts of food connoisseurs.

The price includes:

– Story-telling about the history and Istrian cheese production process.
– Tasting experience; aperitif – yoghurt, 5 types of cheese (4 hard ones, one with truffles), skuta with a fruit filling, wine, and water.

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