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Free VoIP and Instant Messaging Zoom is a social and communication program that offers video calling and instant messaging for large groups of people. Zoom Video Communications has developed instant messaging and VoIP software for students, corporate employees and employers for video conferencing. Each conference can bring together more than 50 users, of which 49 will be displayed simultaneously for yours; Is Zoom VoIP? Zoom has a simple interface that all users can understand. Whether you need to meet colleagues or connect with loved ones, Zoom lets you hear and see them on high-quality VoIP services. Desktop Zoom opens in the user panel and provides access to five tabs: Home, Chat, Phone, Meetings, and (function {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); By default, the Home tab is displayed in the user panel. This is because it contains the most important functions for video conferencing, namely: New meeting, participation, scheduling and screen sharing. Both the new appointment and the Schedule button allow you to schedule appointments. All scheduled appointments are listed on the Meetings tab. A new window will appear when you enter the meeting. The meeting controls are displayed at the bottom of the window, while the video channel for other calls is displayed at the top. The center of the window is dedicated to the user whose zoom feels to speak or make the most noise. Does it help all group members to focus on this scaling to make phone calls? You can reduce loud background noise by clicking the Mute button in the meeting control panel. These features are different from the features on the Phone tab. Instead of VoIP, Zoom Phone allows you to call another user using the Zoom subscriber ID. It also allows you to leave voice messagesand view the call history of your Zoom accounts. You can save the caller ID on the Contacts tab. By default, it is organized alphabetically. To access your most important contacts, mark them as favorites or auto-reply. Note that Zoom will make calls directly from an automatic answer contact. You can use Zoom as a versatile tool for office and productivity. In addition to the VoIP feature, you can share a screen. You can also send files to people in your contact list. While you can use the chat feature to send files to your colleagues, you can also send them using the Screen Sharing feature. For example, you have a masterful presentation. You can open the presentation on your desktop and click the Share screen button. This allows subscribers to see the file while listening to you. VoIP tools for professional and personal use Although Zoom is aimed at companies and professionals, it is a great program for testing with friends and family if you use video the most. call. This is a program suitable for all users who need to coordinate or connect to a large number of users. With video conferencing and collaboration, you can continue to develop a variety of group activities, such as class projects, webinars, and meetings..

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