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On a distant planet called Chitn, the evil General Skorba threatens with his armies to conquer and destroy all cities and inhabitants, but a scientist named Jan and his wife decide to save their newborn baby by granting him special superpowers. and placing it send a space capsule to planet Earth to keep it safe and sound. When General Skorba arrives, his young daughter Gata uses her telepathic skills to find the baby and promises that her father will kill him and destroy planet Earth. He travels in a different space capsule after the first one, but in Earth orbit, Jan’s son’s capsule hits an artificial satellite that falls in Spain, not the United States, as one might expect. Thirty years later, Juan Lpez is an office worker who does not know his past and hides his powers from everyone. He’s an office worker who was raised and raised in a small town by two farmers who own an auto repair shop. Juan can no longer hide it and wants to help people. He saves a subway train from crashing, accidentally exposes himself to the public, and now an adult Gata hired the CEO of his own and largest cleaning machine company in the world to travel to Spain to catch Juan. After Luisa Lanas, Juan’s former sweetheart, things get complicated

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Biuro podróży Fortis Travel Junior działa w ramach firmy Fortis Travel Junior d.o.o. z siedzibą przy ul. Tina Ujevića 72, 21 220 Trogir , wpisanej przez Sąd Gospodarczy w Splicie , założonej 16.12.2013. Kapitał zakładowy w wysokości 20.000 kn , wpłacony w całości.Członek zarządu: Dorota Poduka

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