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If you are tired of Windows default voice preferences. Setting up the Voice Changer is an architectural software that lets you turn your computer’s boot sound into whatever you want. It’s a simple, but very good program to try if you want to play with your computer’s sound. Common Song: Anyone accustomed to using a Windows computer will know its normal home voice. The start sound is the computer that will play each time it starts for another session. It’s one voice Windows will always interact with, especially since it’s one of the sounds that can never be changed. Basically, Windows lets you change the appearance of your operating system, including wallpaper, screen saver, audio themes for a variety of commands, and even the appearance of a mouse. However, Windows does not allow you to go too far. And if you want to change some of the default services, you must turn to a third party (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); When to Change Voice Initiation Change is one of the third-party programs that will allow you to change the start-up sound of your computer. Designed and developed by, this app lives up to its name. So, you can set any sound file as a new startup sound, so that’s how you feel every time you turn on your computer. There are only three functions in this application. Playback lets you listen to the audio file to start now so you can watch the changes. Change, on the other hand, allows you to change the current sound with a new audio file. But it must be in WAV format. Finally, Reset changes that allow you to return to the default melody. However, users should be aware that they must have administrator permissions to make any changes. Unfortunately, it is very small and unique in its purpose. Also, although you do not need to install it, there are no shortcuts that you can easily find. So, if you want to make changes again, you will need to get the downloaded files to run them. It also lacks other services. In addition, it only supports WAV files. You may want to get an updated version, Winaero Tweaker, because it has other architectural tools.

Startup Sound Changer

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