Zadar belongs to one of the most beautiful towns on the western coast of the Adriatic Sea. It isan old town situated on a small peninsula.It is a true open museum under the sky. Under the reign of St. Mark the Evangelist, it was surrounded by fortresses which still proudly circled the town. This is the defence system that was inscribed in 2017 onto the UNESCO World Heritage List. The town’s atmosphere is not only due to the historical fortifications, but also numerous churches from the times of the Republic of Venice and palaces of noble families, who used to reside in the peninsula. You cannot also miss the monuments from the Roman times in the Old Town. On the peninsula, in the very heart of the town in the Roman Forum, we will see multiple stone remains from the times of the Augustus which are a testament to Zadar’s rich and long history. By taking a stroll along the promenade, we will enjoy its magnificent panoramic view onto the neighbouring islands and enjoy the sound of the sea waves. After visiting the town with a local, licenced guide, we will make our way to the vineyard to taste local wines and regional specialties, all set in a fairy-like scenery amongst the grapevines.

The wine-drinking tradition within this region dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, who were cultivating the grapevine here. Wine has always been an integral element during the Greek celebrations and Roman feasts; it was enjoyed by the kings and the local nobility. Until now, it has remained an inseparable part of the local tradition and culture. The local inhabitants cannot even imagine lunch or dinner without a glass of white or red wine.

During the tasting experience, we will have a chance to taste the crljenak wine, which is known as Zinfandelin the US. For a long period of time, there was a dispute as to the origins of the type of grapevines. The Americans were convinced that it is their indigenous type, however, as it turned out, they were mistaken. In fact, in the 19th century, when mildew appeared in Europe, a disease that affects the grapevines, destroyed many local vineyards. The locals lost their source of income to provide for the families and many of them decided to take drastic action and moved to America to seek better living conditions. Some of them settled in California where they introduced crljenka that truly originated from Kaštela near Split.

The programme includes:

– Visiting Zadar with a local guide.
– A visit to a vineyard, includes wine tales.
– Wine tasting experience;
• Aperitif: Rosecuro
• Posip – white wine, tuna pâté and anchovies.
• Plavac mali – red wine – carpaccio with smoked tuna.
• Crljenak – red wine with cheese from Pag island and date marmalade.
• Still water.

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