The production of grapes in Istria peninsula has a long and rich tradition that dates back to Ancienttimes. The value of these vines was recognised by the Ancient Romans and in the medieval times, the local Muscat wines were said to be delicacy on the royal tables. Today, the wine forms an integral part of the Istrian tradition and lifestyle. The Mediterranean cuisine is deemed to be one of the healthiest in the world and it is difficult to have it without a glass of red or white wine. Malvazija, MuskatMomjanski, Teran, Borgonja, or Refošk are typical indigenous types of grapes of the peninsula. Istria isalso popular for other world-renowned types of vines: Pinot, Chardonnay, Cabernet,or Merlot. It is a true wide choice.

The journey through the wine routes of the peninsula is a historic adventure with Istrian beautiful landscapes, picturesque hills, tradition, and culture of the region. Each season brings its beauty that makes the vineyards vary in colour.

During our visit, we will have an opportunity to learn about the history and tradition of the local vineyards and they will talk us through the production process and wine storage. After a visit to the basement winery and the vineyard, we will embark on a tasting experience. We will become wine connoisseurs and will play with the tastes of Istrian wines, combined with local specialties.

The price includes:

– Well-structured vineyard presentation, explaining the winemaking and storage process.
– Local specialties tasting experience;some local wine types (3.4 or 5), including hams, cheese, and bread.

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