is one of the pearls of the Dalmatian coastline that is surrounded by Adriatic waters with entangled streets, passage labyrinth, historical churches and palaces. This ‘museum-like’ city will certainly captivate anyone who sees it for the first time and would desire to even more. It dates back to the Ancient Greek and Roman times and the Lion of Venice. Also, here has remained the spirit of Napoleon and Francis Joseph.

In 3 BC, as small settlement was founded on a small island located between the land and Čiovo Island. It was established by the Greek colonists who gave it a Hellenic name called Tragurion, which means a Goat Village when translated verbatim. These were the beginnings of the today’s city.

Trogir is known for the wide range of historic sites from different eras; palaces of Trogir noble families, City Loggia, Duke’s Palace, fortresses and remnants of city walls, which surrounds the city and form a defence system for inhabitants against attacks by an aggressor. In the lead, there are sacral sites of the city, amongst which undoubtedly is the distinctive St. Lawrence Cathedral, also known as St. John Cathedral. It is located in the yard, in the very heart of the Old Town, and it forms a symbol of the city along with an exquisite Radovan’s Portal. There was a reason the city was listed on UNESCO in 1997 as the World Heritage Site.


is said to be one of the oldest, the most beautiful and largest cities in Croatia. It is populated by about 200,000 people. The region’s capital is Dalmatia and it is situated in Split-Dalmatia County. Split is not only a picturesque city with a long-standing and turbulent history, but also an important transport, economic, administrative, education and tourist centre of the country.


The city tells you of its history through its monuments. Emperor Diocletian had been ruling the world from here; he styled himself as an autocrat but also he was notorious for a number of persecutions of early Christians. In 295 year, he ordered the construction of a grand palace, the heritage of which until today provides breathless views. Since 1979, the construction has been listed as the UNESCO site due to its magnificence and impeccable condition.

Split –it is the proud capital of Dalmatia, attracting thousands of tourists from the furthest parts of the world who relish its diversity due to its gorgeous looks, fascinating history and stunning location.

During the trip, you will see the most extraordinary historic site of the cities and can listen to the history, which dates back as far as the Greek ancient times. Following the visit to each of the cities with a license guide tour, there will be free time allocated to buy souvenirs, drink coffee, taste delicious ice creams and take memorable photos.

The price includes transport, assistance of a tour leader throughout the duration of the tour and a local guide tour service in Trogir and Split.

Persons, who wish to access cathedrals in both cities are requested to wear suitable clothing for sacral sites.

Departure around 09:00 a.m., return around 4:00 p.m.

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