We invite you for an unforgettable adventure with the treasures from Ston. This little town is situated at the very beginning of Pelješac peninsula, which will take you back in the times of the biggest prime time of the aristocratic Dubrovnik Republic. Our excursion will start with learning about the history of the town and its historic sites. During our walk with the licenced guide, we will pass through the section of Ston walls, which are said to be the second-longest (after the Wall of China) fortified system in the world after the Great Wall of China. You will certainly be enchanted with the panoramic view and its surroundings seen from these walls that were being built almost 400 years ago and have been restored in recent years.

Following a short walk, another adventure awaits us, but this time it is to do… with salt. A visit to Ston salt thermal baths, the oldest active salt baths in the world, will let us get to know about the Ston salt production known as Dubrovnik’s white gold in the past. The salt formation process, involving sea, sun, and wind, is the same as during the Ancient times. During the Dubrovnik Republic, all Ston inhabitants were involved with the salt extraction. They would collect this precious gift of nature with the wooden spades in the middle of summer. Our guide will walk you through the whole production and present you with a short video on salty thermal baths. In the end, each participant will receive a small gift – a packet of Ston salt.

It is not over yet! To make it better, we will visit an oyster farm. Along with our Croatian team, we will embark on boats to reach the farm of this natural aphrodisiac, which the famous and legendary seducer, Casanova, would invigorate himself with each day. During our excursion, we will help you get familiar with the work-consuming and a few-year-long process of breeding Ston muscles. We will also have a chance to taste this delicacy that is freshly caught from the sea, together with a glass of fine wine from the Pelješac Peninsula. You will see that the opening process of oyster muscles is a ritual itself.

After having an all-day adventure, we will head for dinner at a local restaurant, where we will have a chance to taste the Adriatic fish along with vegetable sides and local wine.

The price includes:

– Ston sightseeing.
– Entry onto Ston walls.
– Visiting Ston thermal baths – entry ticket, including a video presentation.
– A boxed gift of Ston salt.
– Cruise to the oyster farm and oyster tasting experience (3 oysters + glass of wine).
– Dinner (fish soup, grilled fish with vegetables sides, dessert, – local specialty, 0.5l wine, water).
– Local licenced guide throughout the whole programme.
(Duration time: about 6-7 hours)

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