We invite you to an adventure in one of the oldest and, at the same time, youngest cities in Croatia. As opposed to Trogir, Split, Salona, Pula or Zadar, which were all founded in Antiquity by ancient Greeks or Romans, Šibenik is comparably new, dating back around a thousand years and was founded by Croatian people. For this reason, Šibenik is considered the most Slavic of all Dalmatian cities. It is located on the hills, at the estuary of river Krka, where it flows to the Adriatic. Overlooking the city, St Anne’s Fortress offers beautiful panoramic views of Šibenik. It is also a city of countless stairs, winding alleys, old churches and aristocratic palaces whose inhabitants used to proudly stroll down the alleys in the past. The city was established in the 10thcentury AD as a stronghold. Four towers were erected over the city to protect it from the enemy in the past. Today, they offer a magnificent view of the city and its surrounding area. It was in Šibenik that Juraj Dalmatinac – one of the most esteemed artists at the break of the 15th and 16thcenturies created his unique masterpiece – the Cathedral of St James, which is the pride and landmark of Šibenik today.

The city attracts thousands of tourists every year, who delve in its traditional architecture, the history and its one-of-a-kind charm. During the walk with a local guide we will have a chance to get to know the history, see the main landmarks and take in the inimitable beauty of the city. After some spare time we will take a cruise along the St Anthony Channel. During the cruise we will have an opportunity to visit St Nicholas Fortress located by the estuary of the channel. It is one of the four fortresses which were built by the Venetians between the 15th and 17thcentury to defend the city. The fortification was established by the estuary, which provided the only way of accessing the city by the sea. In this way, it was designed to protect the city from Turkish attacks from overseas. This magnificent architectural gem, which protected the inhabitants of Šibenik for centuries, was listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2017. We will take a tour of the fortress and learn more about its history, before making our way back to the city by boat.

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