We invite you to embark on an unforgettable adventure and take a cruise to one of the biggest and most picturesque Croatian islands – Brač. It is located in central Dalmatia, just opposite the town of Omiš. We will set out on an all-day cruise from Omiš early in the morning. We have also planned time for snacks and a chance to enjoy the sun on the beach. The island of Brač is often described as a fairy-tale island. Its virgin wildlife, beautiful landscapes and divine beaches tucked in the most scenic corners and bays as well as tiny hamlets attract thousands of tourists seeking retreat into nature every year. The municipality of Bol is the central point of the island and it is famous for its beach, Zlatni Rat (meaning the Golden Horn), which is considered the most beautiful on the western coast of the Adriatic Sea. This beach is located on the cape which is about 360m long and edges into the turquoise sea, changing its shape depending on the direction of the wind and tides. The beach is situated at the foot of Vidova Gora – the highest peak on the west Adriatic coast. Brač is famous for its delicious wines from local wineries, the most well-known one being Bolski Plavac. Wine growing is deeply rooted in the Croatian history and tradition, dating back to Antiquity. Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine having a meal in Croatia which is not accompanied by a glass of this “divine drink”. Apart from viticulture, the local people also specialise in olive tree growing, fishing, sheepherding and, of course, tourism.

On the landside of the island, the main highlight of the landscape is shaped by quarries. Here, the stone used for buildings such as Diocletian’s Palace in Split, the White House in Washington as well as parliament houses in Vienna and Budapest has been mined for around 2,000 years. This is also how the long-standing sculpting tradition of the island originated. One of the best sculpting schools in Europe was established in the town of Pučišća century ago. The locals like to say that they live from, with and for the stone. Before having some spare time at your individual disposal and sunbathing as well as taking a dip into the crystal clear sea, we will have lunch served by the trip organisers on the boat. We will indulge in fish, local bakery goods and salads accompanied by a glass of wine. Then we will have time to explore all that Bol has to offer, before returning from the cruise in the early evening hours, at sunset.

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