On a small island in the shallow lagoon is the oldest royal Croatian town – Nin. This almost 3000-year-old town is said to be the oldest town of the Mediterranean basin. Its numerous history sites speak of its abundant past, i.e. St Nicolas Church is deemed as the city’s symbol, and St. Cross Church is known for its world-smallest cathedral or Nin thermal baths. The city is also popular for its rare flora and fauna, healing muds and also tasty, finely spiced, and dry-cured pork neck (šokol). During our trip, we will visit the most fascinating historic sites, we will find out about its rich past and will visit the thermal bath, in which the sea salt has been producing for ages. The origin of the thermal baths date back to Ancient times, as evidenced by the discovered dam from the Roman times, which is currently in the area of the saltworks. When these areas were under the reign of the Lion of Saint Mark, the Venetians closed down the thermal baths for almost 500 years. Today, Nin thermal baths produce salt in a traditional way as it was many years ago. The salt from Nin is said to be one of the most sustainable sea salts in the world and one of the best quality salts too. After learning about the salt formation, we will have a chance to visit a salt museum and watch a short video about the production process. Next, you will be invited to make a purchase of salt from Nin in different forms and purposes.

The last attraction will be a visit to a distillery. The owners will talk us through the distillery process and will tell us how they produce fantastic liquors, which are only and solely naturally-made using sustainably-grown fruit without any chemical additives or sugar. Besides, liquors are poured into originally looking bottles, which makes them even more distinctive. Having learnt about the distillery history, we will have a chance to taste the most recognised products and tastes as well as purchase the local delicacies.

The programme includes:

– Visiting Nin with a local guide.
– Entry ticket to thermal baths and salt museum.
– Tasting experience in the distillery: 5 home-made, high-quality liquors.

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