is a small parish in the western Herzegovina populated by Catholic Bosnian Croats. In the past, it was only known to the locals residing in neighbouring towns and villages. In 1981, it became a popular city in the world. 24 June, St. John’s Day, in Bijakovići town, near Međugorje, on the hill known as Podbro, it had the vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary – the Queen of Peace. During the meeting, she sent them requests and tells them to live in piety, be remorseful and pray. Within a short time, the parish became the most known and largely visited Marian sanctuary in southern Europe, also as the site for praying, contemplation, silence and peace for millions of pilgrims from around the world. From the very start of visions, which were taking place during the most severe Communism, Međugorje parish has been largely extended. Currently, it has about 1.5 thousand Catholic inhabitants. During our visit to Međugorje, you will have the chance to make your way to the Apparition Hill, where they had been the first operations and will be able to see the new St. Jacob parish church, which is the heart of the parish, the place of meetings and prayers of thousands of pilgrims. There will be a free time allocated to purchase souvenirs and religious relics.


a town located within a short distance of Međugorje, in the wide emerald Neretva River valley. As the locals say, the ‘stone-made and stone-built’ town is populated by about 100 thousand people and it is the biggest centre in the south-western part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The town’s symbol forms a white stone bridge over the emerald-coloured Neretva River often called the new bridge as the original bridge had been constructed back in the 16th century by a Turkish architect. After 427 years, it collapsed down the river during the military actions of 1993. The new bridge, which is a precise copy of the old one, was reconstructed from the same stone and until now, it has been proudly ascending like the moon over the raging Neretva waters. The colourful Turkish houses with characteristic storeys and oriental scent hovering from above the stalls in the narrow streets have been an inseparable symbol of the town and has been attracting the crowds of multi-lingual tourists. Whilst strolling around, you will have the chance to see the most fascinating historic sites and find out about the long history of this Bosnian town.

The price includes transport, assistance of the tour leader throughout the trip, a local guide tour in Međugorje and Mostar, an entrance fee to Međugorje.

Please remember to bring a valid passport or identity card along with comfortable and proper shoes with ahead covering in case you would like to visit the Apparition Hill.

Departure is about 06:00 a.m., and return is about 8:00 p.m.

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