Kornati is the Mediterranean paradise. The islands, due to its beauty and untouched nature, abundant marine flora and fauna, have been named the national park. The archipelago is one of the most developed group of the islands within the whole Mediterranean Sea. These are tiny, rocky, rough and unpopulated pieces of land, positioned one after the other. Some are miniature-like and pyramid peaks overlooking the sea surface. The Kornati Croatian archipelago is situated in the middle Dalmatia, just to the south of Zadar. It is made of 150 islands and covers the area of 320 km². In 1980, the southern part of the Archipelago became protected under Kornati National Park (Nacionalni Park Kornati). The archipelago’s name originates from the largest island – Kornat – called Kurnat by locals (hence, the name Kurnati). The most memorable phenomena are the cliffs located as part of the range of islands belonging to the Lower Kornati. Since old times, these cliffs have been called the crowns and as such, Kornati derived its name.

Since the 17th century, Murter’s inhabitants occupy some islands with herds of sheep. They cultivate the fields and work in the fishing sector. Nowadays, Kornati is not populated by permanent residents, except for the summer season. Many islands have no electricity supply, water access and the plants are a very rare occurrence, although the islands had been forested before. Murter’s inhabitants cultivate small fields of karst valleys, growing dates, olives and vines.

You will start your park journey from Biograd. A ship will be waiting for your unforgettable adventure with the pristine nature. The cruise will be combined with alternate stopovers for swimming and sunbathing. In one of the most picturesque bays, we will go out for dinner, where we will have a chance to taste Adriatic specialties; deliciously spiced grilled fish and a local, home-made wine.

Please bring bathing suits, water shoes, head coverings and particularly cameras to capture the beauty of the untouched nature.

Departure from Trogir is about  07:00 a.m., and return is about 7:00 p.m.

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