We will start our adventure at the steep hills on the mountain pass between Kozjak and Mosor mountains. This is the spot Klis fortress (formerly Kleisa) was formed in the 9th century. The place was of strategic significance to the local population. For centuries, it bravely defended local inhabitants and the coastline against the Turks’ invasion. Along with the licensed guide, we will learn about Klis history and we will have a chance to admire the incredible panoramic view stretching across Split and central Dalmatian islands.

After sightseeing, we will head to a private estate to participate in a small olive oil extraction school. There aren’t many plants suchas olives that are closely linked with the Mediterranean culture. Ancient Greeks and Romans admired its aroma and health benefits. Owing to high resistance, in Ancient times, it was held as the symbol of strength and force. Its branches would ornament the heads of Olympic winners, who would receive an amphora with the priceless olive. In the stunning scenery, amongst the Mediterranean fauna, we will present you with the traditional olive oil production that was practiced and passed for generations. In the pre-industrial era, when there was no talk of automation, people invented the method of olive oil extraction called ‘liquid gold’ by Homer. It was a long and time-consuming process involving all families. From olive hand-picking, soaking them in seawater to prevent deterioration, through manual fruit cold-pressing to olive oil extraction. This was how this priceless ingredient of many dishes was produced. Following the presentation, we will go on to taste the olive oil. You will also have a chance to try other local specialties, e.g. different types of cheese, home-made peka-style bread, jams, olive oil, tapenade, smokvenjake – local sweets made from dry dates, nuts and dried fruit, wine, and orange juice. After tasting the food, you will also have an opportunity to stroll down the charming paths and enjoy the aroma of the Mediterranean plants. This is all within the magnificent setting.

The price includes:

– Entry ticket to Klis fortress.
– Verbal and visual presentation on olive oil production.
– Olives and local products tasting experience (olive oil, 3 types of cheese, home-made peka-style bread,smokvenjak– local specialty made from dry dates, nuts and dried fruit, wine, and orange juice)
– Licenced guide throughout the programme.

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