Omiš is a picturesque town located at the estuary of Cetina River and the Adriatic between two upland regions: Mosor and Biokovo mountains. Its rich history dates back to almost 2000 years. It was during this period that the first areas became inhabited. The town is abundant with numerous monuments, mainly from the Republic of Venetia, which Omiš was part of for almost 400 years. Spiralled streets with the densely built up area, churches, stone-built palaces, and a city port make this place unique. Then, Fortica and Mirabella fortresses, which proudly hover above the town, speak of its piracy past of the inhabitants. With the licensed guide, we will have a chance to visit the town, get to know its history and monuments that makes it what it is today. After some spare time, we will take a cruise boat along the Cetina River canyon, where we will go back to the sinister Omiš pirate times. In the very old times, the locals who only initially constructed their homes on the surrounding uphills with time started to descend to the lower regions whilst moving their households. The main income for the locals was to rob the ships approaching the Cetina River estuary. The Omiš pirates were causing fear, and from 12-13th century, they had ruled the sea part between Split and Dubrovnik. All the ships, whether Split, Dubrovnik, or Papal ones, had to pay a levy for free movement across the Adriatic waters or risk a fight with pirates with whom you would hardly ever come alive. As part of our cruise, we will watch a performance by contemporary pirates, and following the attractions, we will also enjoy a truly pirate-styled feast.

The programme includes:

– Visiting Omiša with a licensed guide.
– A panoramic cruise along the Cetina canyon pirate-themed performance.
– Livemusic.
– Pirate games.
– Regional dinner; cheese, Dalmatian ham, Dalmatian meat selection with a salad, peka-styled bread, fritters (mini-doughnuts), wine and water.

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