Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, attracting thousands of tourists from all over the world every year. It is often referred to as the pearl of the Adriatic and the ornament of the southern coast of Croatia. This Dalmatian gem boasts an opulent cultural heritage, which secured it a place on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1979. Its city walls, considered one of the most picturesque fortifications on the globe, embrace the heart of Dubrovnik and provide an excellent observation point for the beauty and charm of this maritime port city. While strolling down the Stradun, the most popular and the widest street of the city, we will have a chance to see its countless landmarks such as the Rector’s Palace, the Church of St Blaise – the patron saint of the city, the Franciscan Church with its pharmacy being one of the oldest in Europe, Onofrio’s Fountain, Sponza Palace, the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and many more. We might indulge in an aromatic espresso in one of the ambient cafés located in one of many narrow alleys of the old town or try some of the Mediterranean specialties in one of the Dalmatian konobas.

During a guided walking tour we will familiarise ourselves with the history of the city and see some of its most well-known treasures. After some spare time we will make our way to the island of Lokrum. This tiny island is located only 10 minutes from the shore and was first mentioned in 1023 when a Benedictine monastery was established there. There are many legends concerning Lokrum. One of them has it that Richard the Lionheart found here shelter in 1192, on the way back from his crusade to Palestine. To show gratitude for saving his life, Richard the Lionheart promised that he would build a church which was ultimately erected on the mainland. Benedictine monks who settled here in the 11th century stayed on the island for 800 years. In 1798 they were forced to leave after the island had been sold to the rich Dubrovnik municipality. On the night before their departure, the monks, in the depth of their misery, took a walk around their property for the last time. They walked around with lit candles held in their hands with the flames facing down, and with hoods on their heads and said prayers. This mysterious ritual is said to have cursed the future owners of the island. Since then, many misfortunes which happened to the families inhabiting the island have been attributed to that night. Today Lokrum provides a retreat for the locals and visitors from Dubrovnik and other places. The main landmarks of the island are the Fort Royal, the former monastery complex and botanical gardens. For those seeking some active time, we recommend taking a dip into the crystal clear waters of the sea.

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